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To make the process a little easier for you, we've come up with answers to a lot of the frequently asked questions we receive here at BlueGum Design. If you have any other questions, please feel free to give us a call or email


To make the process a little easier for you, we've come up with answers to a lot of the frequently asked questions we receive here at BlueGum Design. If you have any other questions, please feel free to give us a call or email

Why do I need a landscape plan?


You need a landscape plan because the developers of your estate want to see your intent to meet their design guidelines.  If you're building in a new estate, most developers have specific design requirements to ensure that each individual residence is designed and presented in a manner which is consistent with the overall neighbourhood character. Before your builder can submit your DA approval to Council or CDC, you will need approval from the developers of your estate. If your estate has design guidelines to adhere to, the developers will need to ensure your home meets the design guidelines, as well as the DCP (Development Control Plan), which is set out by the Council, before giving their stamp of approval. 


Why is your service more affordable compared to others? 


At BlueGum Design, we specialise in the creation of residential landscape plans for development/council/CDC approval. This is the only landscape design service we offer. If you search around, you'll notice other landscape design businesses offer landscape design services such as onsite consultation, garden design, landscape certification and construction. As our business only services the production of landscape plans for development approval, this significantly reduces a lot of overhead and therefore enabling us to offer the most competitive price on the market. We take pride in this as we know it benefits new home owners who do not want to spend too much more on an already expensive home building project! 


What details are required in a landscape plan?


It will depend on your development and/or your local Council as they all have different requirements, but generally your landscape plan will need to show some or more of the following: 


  • Planting Schedule (Botanical and common names of plants)

  • Driveway materials and colour

  • Treatment to all ground areas

  • Side gate set backs

  • Location of bin store

  • Fencing treatment to all boundaries

  • Percentage of native plants and trees

  • General plant placing

  • Proposed soft and hard landscaping elements and materials

  • Planting schedule

  • Details of planting procedure and maintenance

Can my landscaping works differ from my landscape plan? 


Most people have their landscape plans created 12 months before their house is even finished. It's understandable that you will most likely change your mind on what type of landscape features you want when you finally move into your house. There may also be other challenges that you discover when you move in which may alter your plan. The landscape design that we create for you does not necessarily have to be the exact end result - It is to provide guidance on what you need to do to ensure compliance. 


If you later decide on a different type of tree or if you wanted to change your concrete pathway to stepping stones, this would generally not be a problem. On the contrary, if you decide to change some features that your developers do not allow (For example, colorbond fencing in some estates) then you may not be eligible for financial rebates (if your estate offers any). This may also create problems with your local council, as they often have strict guidelines in place. There are some councils and developers that require your landscaping works to match your plans and you may be contractually obligated to carry out the work based exactly on the landscape plan you submitted during approval. While this is rare, we recommend you check with your developer or council for any landscape works you intend on doing that may be different to the landscape plan. 


When will my landscape plan be ready? 


We endeavour to have your plan back to you in the shortest possible time frame. Please allow for a 5-7 business day turnaround, however most jobs are completed within 3-5 business days.


At what stage should I request a landscape plan? 


Any time after you have signed off on your final house plans and have been given a final copy. This will ensure that you don't have to re-do your landscape plan if there are any significant changes. For example, some people like to change the orientation of their house or locations of water tanks. This may have an effect on your landscape plan, so it's best to get all the changes out of the way before requesting one. We also recommend not leaving it to the last minute as this could delay your development approval application. 


Tropical Plant


We offer the most affordable landscape design services in the industry. Whether you're looking for a basic plan for developers approval or something more complex, we won't be beaten on price. See our price guarantee. 

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